Dan Radlauer composer


Latest Happenings;



I just finished scoring "The Christmas Makeover" TV movie with my friends over at AECG.  Has every Christmas and Romantic Comedy cliché you can think of... so if you like that sort of thing, enjoy!

Also working on a new YouTube RED series called The Twelve Deadly Days of Christmas.  No, it's not autobiographical...

I'm getting back to my roots and have been writing a bunch of Big Band music.  It's been fun and they've been played by bands in both the United States and Europe. Here's a video of my performance as guest artist at Fullerton College.


Some new animated shorts are winning awards around the festival circuit... These are amazing stories about some amazing women. Hawa Abdi from Somalia and KaKenya Ntainya from Kenya. I'm very proud of these pieces for both the music and being part of telling their amazing stories. 

In other news….

Dan's career as a wanna be Voice Over Talent has become a reality as he has been "the voice" of Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants lately.  "In a world gone mad…." 

Dan was drafted to be Musical Director for the Los Angeles Westside Jazz Forum.  In this capacity he's started a 17 piece "reading" Jazz band to read through Big Band Literature from the 40s to the present. 


Dan wrote a new Theme for the Syndicated runs of HELL'S KITCHEN... So reruns of the many seasons of the show will have his music both domestic and international.  



Dan composed the score for the documentary “We’re Not Broke” which went to the Sundance Festival 


The score for the dark drama “The Harsh Life Of Veronica Lambert” is done which Dan composed in conjunction with fellow composer Elton Ahi.


Dan gets credit on The Mummy III Sound track for Arrangement and also helped out Randy Edelman on the score.


Dan’s music has been showing up on “Access Hollywood” as well as the E! Channel.


For those of you in Los Angeles, Dan’s music has been featured regularly in promos and bumpers on KPCC.  


Dan helped start a new Jazz Band program at New West Charter School in West Los Angeles.